Dudley is one of our personal dogs that resides at DCK headquarters. He was imported from Ireland by Josh DeWitt of Brookstone kennels. Dudley had a natural hold from day one. With his athletic build, sharp eyes, and excellent nose, along with his willingness to please, he has been a breeze to train. He comes from impressive lineage, including, FTCH Drum Goose Warlord FTCH and FTCH Apache Joe. He is calm at the line and an absoulte machine in the field.


Jep is another one of Nicks personal dogs at DCK. He is very bidiable and wants nothing more than to please while training. He has an athletic build, natural mouth and loves everyone. Jep was bred by Tim Seguin at Blazing gundogs. He has a great pedigree as well, with his sire FTW Tildaross Cedar, and the world renowned FTCH Mediterian Blue in his lineage. He is always ready to hunt or train yet has an incredible off switch.